Fundraising activities can include program advertisment sales, concert tickets, gift cards, silent auctions, dinners, and other activities chosen for their suitability to our mission.

There are several activities throughout the year in which members and their parents should participate in order to help support FCYS. Parents are needed to help with program ad sales, to take tickets and distribute programs at concerts,  serve on various committees and sell snacks at rehearsals. Volunteer sheets will be available at the first parent meeting.


The orchestras and their many activities require a firm financial basis to be successful. Fund raising is a group effort and every member and parent is encouraged to participate in that effort. The many opportunities mentioned above help the organization and are enjoyable and rewarding. Many of these activities help raise public awareness of the Floyd County Youth Symphony’s programs and activities, and also provide parents and students the opportunity to fund their enrollment in the orchestra. By allowing their children to join FCYS, parents are pledging their help and support.


Parents' Meetings are held periodically to keep parents informed, gather ideas, and organize activities. When possible these meetings are scheduled on a Monday night during the Philharmonic rehearsal time.


Any or all fees and trip expenses may be raised through the fund-raising activities of FCYS. Any money raised over the fee requirements will be held in the student’s individual account and may be applied toward future expenses connected to FCYS including trips. Money from the student account can not be withdrawn, transferred to others (except siblings), nor used for any purpose other than FCYS expenses. Advertiser Sales Campaign

The sale of advertising in the Floyd County Youth Symphony concert programs can be a very important source of income for you. You can pick up an ad packet at rehearal or request the following from Susan Miller, our business manager.

 • FCYS advertising contract with image size for ads on reverse side

• Letter of introduction

• An example of one of our concert programs to show clients

THIS YEAR, WE ARE STARTING NEW ON ALL BUSINESSES. If you plan to contact a business, you will need to check the availability of the listing below. In order to avoid multiple contacts that may antagonize an advertiser, contact with businesses not assigned to anyone is authorized on a first come, first served basis. When contacting one of these businesses, you must call Susan at (812) 952-2333 or email her at so that others do not contact that business.

Conventional Ads

Conventional ads are priced by size. Refer to the advertising contract and/or the image size sheet for price and size information. The advertisement will appear in all FOUR programs for the year. If clients wish to change their ad for different programs, there will be an additional charge ($10 for minor changes, $20 for major rewrites). The concert; dates are listed on the ad contracts. The following are directions for completing a conventional ad:

     -Complete the ad contract form indicating the FCYS member's name, businesses name, mailing address, size of ad, and amount.

     -Obtain the name (printed and signed) of a representative of the business.

     -Get the exact wording of the ad and any "camera ready" artwork as the business wishes it to appear in the program. (If pictures are a part of the ad, original artwork, no halftones, are required. Logos will be scanned for placement, and type may be reset, at no charge to client, for quality control. Please note that ads with an excessive amount of black in the image do not always copy well.)

     -Attach small ads to an 8.5 x 11 paper to avoidloss. Do not fold, staple, or paper clip through art work or logos. A suggestion is to use a small sandwich bag to hold the artwork or logos and attach to the 8.5X11 paper.

     -Complete a receipt and give it to the client and mark the order paid if you are taking the payment for the ad. If the client requests to be billed, please mark the order send invoice. You will not receive credit for the ad until FCYS receives payment for the ad so it is always preferable to get payment at the time of sale.

Listing of Supporters

Businesses or individuals may choose to simply be listed as an FCYS supporter. Supporters will be listed according to the amount of money contributed: $80 for a Benefactor, $40 for a Patron, and $20 for a Sponsor. For supporters, simply complete the ad contract with the FCYS member's name, the name and address of the supporter, the amount, and the signature. Follow the same procedure as above for marking the order depending upon the payment.


Your student account will be credited for 50% of the amount of the advertisement you sell. However, it is important that all paperwork is completely accurate and that your name appears on all parts of the contract. You will need to make copies of the forms provided if you are making several calls. Submit any ads sold each week at rehearsal in an envelope with your name clearly marked.

Silent Auction Information

Students may bring in new, Home-made, or donated items to auction off at our December Concert. 

Each student receives 100% of funds collected towards his/her individual account.

We will be setting up on Sunday at 1:45 to 2:15 before the concert.  At that time, you may bring your item(s) in, fill out an auction form, and display your item on one of our tables.  You will be able to set your minimum bid.

Before the concert and during our intermission (when the Mini Orchestra is leaving the stage area and the Philharmonic is setting up) the audience will have a chance to look over the items and write down bids.  When the Philharmonic begins playing the auction will be closed.  All bids will be final at that time.

After the concert and during refreshments, the final buyers will be able to bring their item and bid sheet to one or more designated cashiers to check out.  All the money collected will be credited directly to the student's account.

We will need a couple parent volunteers during the concert to watch over the tables during the performances.  We would like to have at least one mini parent watch the tables while the Philharmonic is playing and at least one philharmonic parent watch while the Mini is playing.  Please email or call me if you would be willing to do this.

Susan Miller, Business Manager, 952-2333